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Specialists in winding & insulation materials

Svenska Lindningsmaterial AB was founded in 2006 and is focused on delivering complete solutions in terms of materials and components for generators and motors. Our staff has over 35 years in the industry and can easily help you with the right material, design and quality to the right price. We help some of the world's leading companies within the industry, with materials and solutions regarding winding and insulation materials.



Svenska Lindningsmaterial has for many years been an important supplier to us, where quality, flexibility and delivery reliability have been the foundation of our cooperation.”

Voith Hydro

Svenska Lindningsmaterial has over the years been a very good, fast and courteous service provider with high quality of supplied materials.”

GE Power

Svenska Lindningsmaterial has been a supplier to us for about 10 years and we are very satisfied with their deliveries. The level of service is very high and they always solve the deliveries with high quality and on time when it is urgent.”


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We will deliver winding and insulation material for your rotating machines