Rotor poles components


We make it easy for you

For rotor poles, we often deliver collars, supports and other fasteners. We can copy your existing collars and support if you are missing drawing material. 

Common material

  • Nema G11 (EPGC 203) (180 °C)
  • UPM S2 (UP GM 205) (155 °C)

  • EPGM 203 (155 °C)

  • GPO 3 (UPGM 203) (130/155 °C)

  • For collars we can deliver in 3 meters without joint.
  • We deliver from 1-2 pieces to series of several 100 collars.
  • Production time after measurement and choice of material takes us a couple of days.

Is your generator or motor in need of service?

We will deliver winding and insulation material for your rotating machines