About us

Worldwide manufacturer and supplier of winding and insulation material. 

Svenska Lindningsmaterial AB - Specialists in winding and insulation material for all rotating machines

Svenska Lindningsmaterial AB is a family business started by Mats Wohlferdt in 2006. After almost 30 years at ABB, Mats chose to start Svenska Lindningsmaterial AB. From the beginning only slot materials were manufactured in the workshop, but after demands increased and also requests for more components, we chose to broaden our product portfolio significantly.

Today we work to be able to offer complete winding and insulation deliveries to our customers. With a close collaboration with our subcontractors and a well-stocked warehouse, we meet our customers' needs. We are well aware of the service and quality required in this industry as a generator or motor can break down at any time.

We are a tight organization that provides quick decisions, deliveries and responses.


Projects all over the world

Svenska Lindningsmaterial AB is part of projects all over the world. Below you will find a map over some of the countries we deliver to.


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