We offer tubes in different materials, below you will find some of the most common materials we deliver

Standard tube materials

Tubes are delivered with an inner diameter from 3 mm up to customer requirements. In lengths up to 2 meter without joints. Below you will find some of our standard tube materials.

Epoxy G11

  • High heat resistance
  • Resistant to most impregnating varnishes
  • Good electrical, dielectric and mechanical properties

Phenolic Paper

  • (eg PF CP 21, PF CP 22, PF CP 23)
  • Used like insulating and constructive material for several electrical equipment construction.
  • Known as “bakelite”.
  • Good temperature, electrical and mechanical machining.

High temperature material

  • (eg Mica epoxy, Mica epoxy glass, Mica silicone, Mica silicone glass, all in phlogopite or muscovite)
  • Excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

Is your generator or motor in need of service?

We will deliver winding and insulation material for your rotating machines